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The Nomadic Academy helps managers and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and network needed to thrive in times of great uncertainty. It is digital learning the way it should be: truly collaborative, deeply engaging, and constantly evolving.

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Built for Collaboration

Management and leadership are inherently social skills. They cannot be developed in isolation. The Nomadic Academy is built from the ground up for collaborative learning.

Learn in Teams

When you participate in a Nomadic Academy Program, you’ll be a part of a team of fellow managers and leaders, working together to tackle shared challenges. You can learn in a team of managers and leaders from your own organization, or with managers and leaders from different organizations.

Develop a Global Network

The Nomadic Academy is a global learning community, connecting people with common challenges from diverse backgrounds. It is a digital space where experiences and best practices can be shared and common questions answered.

Constantly Evolving

We live in complex times, where the pace of change and degree of uncertainty are increasing. Management and leadership development has to evolve at the same pace

Relevant Topics

Our Programs focus on the topics that are essential for the times we live in; from remote work and managing in a crisis, to diversity & inclusion and complex problem solving. We produce new Programs as challenges emerge.

Up-to-date Resources

We publish short micro-learning content to our Resource library multiple times per week. Our Resource library includes case studies, tools and tips, research, video interviews, and articles on the most important management and leadership topics.

Configured for You

The Nomadic Academy is for organizations of all types and sizes and can be configured to suit all budgets and learning needs.

For Individuals and Smaller Organizations

The Nomadic Academy is an out-of-the-box world class digital learning solution that provides managers and leaders with the learning and network they need to guide their organizations in uncertain times.

For Global Enterprises

The Nomadic Academy is a fully customizable enterprise learning solution that compliments existing management and leadership development programs and can be configured to match the critical capabilities you need your people to develop.

At Work in Leading Organizations

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The whole idea of Nomadic is to build a learning experience that “draws you in” and continuously gives you surprises….their platform is much more than a “learning” platform. It brings people together, lets people share their challenges and ideas, and creates alignment toward strategic solutions.

—Josh Bersin, Global Learning Analyst

This has been a really inspiring experience for me. I liked the mix of theory, technology, best practices, and social element where I could share my own reflections and ideas. I particularly liked the real-life stories built-in throughout the programs...The Nomadic Learning platform is a huge part of the overall experience. It was easy to use, mobile friendly, and from a learning design perspective, the written content blended nicely with video, reflective polls, and questions.