Organizational values are evolving. Are you keeping up?

People used to assume they should leave their personal values at the door when they showed up for work. They punched the clock or sat down at their typewriters, and didn't expect to speak out about problems. Even if they had wanted to, the organization they worked for most likely would not have listened.

That approach to work is disappearing. Today, we increasingly expect to be able to bring our whole selves to work, and the organizations we work for are creating opportunities for us to speak up when we see something wrong. In some cases, they’re even insisting that we do so. But what has changed?

Check out this animation to see how (and why) things have shifted when it comes to voicing our values at work.

The New World of Values
Today, we have the freedom to switch roles, to leave our silos and to think globally. We find ourselves at a moment of convergence where shifts in individual needs and desires are moving in tandem with changes in how organizations operate.

In this new reality, organizations can no longer afford to be silent when faced with values conflicts. The results are all too easy to see (from VW to Lehmann Brothers). Is your organization keeping up?