Process Mapping & Digital Transformation

Our work lives are governed by process, or the lack thereof. When we join a team or organization we inherit the processes by which they work and create value for their clients and customers. Most processes need improvement. But before we can improve them, we have to be able to see and understand them. Creating “process maps” that help us identify friction points can help us get on the right track.

Processes mapping is at the heart of any successful Digital Transformation, but we didn’t always think about processes in the way we do today. In the 1950’s, Dr. J C R Licklider at MIT, envisioned how computers could be used to improve his own efficiency and productivity. Although the Digital Transformation initiatives undertaken by organizations today are far more complex, the careful process mapping and data-driven insights spurred by Dr Licklider still ring true.

Watch this Nomadic produced animation that tells an iconic story of how careful attention to data can lead to unexpected insights and how profoundly an insight can change the world.

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